Hot Tub Bromine

Bromine Products for Spas & Hot Tubs

Hot tub bromine chemicals. Includes bromine tablets & granules, water testing, pH adjusting, filter & cartridge cleaners, spa polish and hot tub cleaners.

Benefits of using Bromine as a hot tub sanitiser

Both chlorine and bromine are effective at killing bacteria and germs that can grow in hot tub water. Chlorine is generally a bit cheaper but bromine has several benefits:

  • Bromine is less pH sensitive than chlorine (Bromine has a lower pH value than chlorine which means it is less likely to alter the pH balance of your hot tub water)
  • Bromine has less of an odour compared to chlorine, creating a more pleasant bathing environment
  • Bromine is less harsh on the skin. Bromine is a good option for people who are sensitive to chlorine

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