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The differences between chlorine & bromine products for your hot tub

Below you you find the benefits and disadvantages of using chlorine or bromine chemical products for your hot tub and jacuzzi®.

Why use Chlorine to sanitise your hot tub?

Chlorine is a very powerful sanitiser and very cost effective

Chlorine can be used in granular or tablet form. Granules are very fast acting and a good option if you want to keep your hot tub maintenance costs to a minimum. Tablets have to be dosed via a dispenser and provide a more consistent sanitiser level than granules.

Chlorine doesn’t break down in sunlight as quickly as bromine can

If anyone using your hot tub is not keen on the smell of chlorine, or if their skin is sensitive to chlorine, you may find Bromine or Active Oxygen treatments to be better options for you.

Why use Bromine as a hot tub sanitiser?

Bromine is more effective over a greater pH range than chlorine. Also Bromine has a lower pH value than chlorine which means it is less likely to alter the pH balance of your hot tub water.

Bromine has less of an odour than to chlorine, creating a more pleasant bathing environment.

Bromine is less harsh on the skin. Some people can experience an itch rash when using Chlorine, this is far less likely when using Bromine.