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The differences between chlorine & bromine products for your hot tub

Below you you find the benefits and disadvantages of using chlorine or bromine chemical products for your hot tub and jacuzzi®.

Why use Chlorine to sanitise your hot tub?

Chlorine works by oxidizing contaminants in your hot tub water. These contaminants are then burned away when you shock your pool or they get collected by your hot tub filter.

Chlorine is cost effective, generally cheaper than bromine

Chlorine is fast acting and is a good option if you want to keep your hot tub maintenance costs to a minimum

Chlorine doesn’t break down in sunlight as quickly as bromine can

If anyone using your hot tub is not keen on the smell of chlorine, or if their skin is sensitive to chlorine, you may find bromine or active oxygen treatments to be better options for you.

Why use Bromine as a hot tub sanitiser?

Both chlorine and bromine are effective at killing bacteria and germs that can grow in hot tub water. Chlorine is generally a bit cheaper but bromine has several benefits.

Bromine is less pH sensitive than chlorine (Bromine has a lower pH value than chlorine which means it is less likely to alter the pH balance of your hot tub water).

Bromine has less of an odour compared to chlorine, creating a more pleasant bathing environment.

Bromine is less harsh on the skin. Bromine is a good option for people who are sensitive to chlorine.